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Maroc : Les artisans du cuir

196 MAD

Author: Marie-Rose Rabaté

Publisher: Magellan & Cie

Format:  27.8 cm x 21.8 cm

Number of pages: 151

ISBN – FR: 9 782350 742441

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“Morocco is a country of many traditions, and of them all, craftmanship is of major importance. Woodcarving, zouac (painting on wood), zellij (mosaics) and carved plaster all demonstrate how ancient knowledge has been passed down through the generations. Among these traditions, leatherwork plays a large part. Moroccans have always been masters of this craft, knowing how to make it succumb to manufacturing techniques. Inlaid, embroidered, stamped, engraved or simply polished, leather is part of everyday life.” Pierre Bergé

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