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Author: Marc Jeanson, Charlotte Fauve

Publisher: Grasset et Fasquelle, 2019

Format: 20,5 cm x 14 cm

Number of pages: 220

ISBN: 9 782246 857457


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The protagonist of the book Botaniste is the herbarium of the National Museum of National History in Paris. The largest herbarium in the world, its collection includes more than eight million plant and fungus specimens.
Using both contemporary and historical specimens as a point of departure, Marc Jeanson and Charlotte Fauve paint a portrait of famous botanists and their extraordinary travels while calling our attention to the beauty and importance of plants. Marc Jeanson is particularly fond of palm trees, which play an important role in this book.
Marc Jeanson is Director of Gardens at the Jardin Majorelle, where he continues his research into palms, noble plants which that are endangered in much of the world.

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