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Neolithic Traditions of the Sahara in North Africa and the Sahel Region

Author: Bert Flint

Category: Ethnology and anthropology

Publisher: Éditions Jardin Majorelle

Foreword: Pierre Bergé and Manuel Valentin

Format: 24 cm x 31 cm x 2.8 cm

Number of pages: 400

ISBN – ENG: 9789954917978

ISBN – FR: 9 789954 917985

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Neolithic Traditions of the Sahara in North Africa and the Sahel Region

The Dutch researcher and scholar Bert Flint has spent sixty years studying the Saharan origins of Moroccan culture and the affinities that unite the various Saharan cultures. The author takes us on a ten-step journey through the Sahara and the Sahel, while ten objects key to Flint’s research are analyzed in detail.

“The Andalusian tradition as it is still lived in Morocco appeared to Flint as a model way of life. In 1957 he decided to move to Marrakech to embark on various aspects of life in this city […] Flint was in fact one of the first to have promoted the rural and Berber heritage of Morocco, just as he was one of the first to become interested in the material culture of the populations of the Saharan diaspora.”

– Pierre Bergé

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